Quickbooks Online Cleanup

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Quickbooks Online Cleanup

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Does your balance sheet seem way off? Are there things in your account that you know are incorrect? We can help with that. Our Quickbooks Cleanup packages will get you back to accurate data so that your reports give you the correct information when you need it.

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Our Quickbooks cleanup packages include the following:

  • Reviewing your Balance Sheet & P&L Statements to identify errors & variances
  • Verifying & reconciling balances on bank accounts, loan accounts, and credit card activity
  • Cleaning out and correcting undeposited funds account
  • Reviewing accounts payable & accounts receivable
  • Reviewing fixed asset accounts and ensuring depreciation has been posted correctly
  • Review payroll expenses, accruals, and tax payables
  • Reviewing sales tax payments & liabilities
  • Reviewing equity accounts & ensuring opening balance equity is zero
  • Reviewing chart of accounts for incorrect or duplicate accounts
  • A final report of all errors found and steps to correct them going forward