What can we do for your business?

Bookkeeping Packages

We build packages specifically to your budget and needs. Every package includes a fully reconciled financial package that contains your Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Aged Debtors & Creditors, Cashflow Summary and an Executive Summary giving you the top-level information you need to run your business successfully and profitably. The Executive Summary includes our analysis and commentary on your performance for the month or quarter. Our packages also include basic advisory services, meaning you can call or email us with your Quickbooks or accounting questions without worrying about us charging you every time. We can also add on services like budgets & forecasts, monthly or quarterly review meetings, pre-year end tax planning review, payroll, payables, and invoicing to build a package that gives you exactly what you need while staying within your budget!


Starter Business Package - From $50-$353/Monthly

Up to $500K Revenue & 250 monthly transactions

Our starter package is great for businesses just starting out or with low transactions.

It’s also perfect for self-employed individuals who just want to track their business related expenses for tax purposes. We recommend this package for realtors, hair stylists, or consultants among other professionals.

Actual pricing depends on revenue, transactions, and monthly or quarterly financials.


enhanced business package - From $160-$558/Monthly

$125K-$1M Revenue & 100-500 monthly transactions

Our enhanced package is perfect for small businesses who are growing or have higher monthly transactions and revenue that needs to be tracked accurately.

Actual pricing depends on revenue, transactions, and monthly or quarterly financials.


Advanced Business Package - From $527-$2,107/Monthly

$1M-$20M Revenue & 500-1,000 monthly transactions

Our advanced package is perfect for larger businesses who have higher revenue and a higher level of transactions. We recommend this package for medium to large businesses.


Al-a-Carte Bookkeeping & Additional Services

Add on services to your bookkeeping packages to create the ideal solution for your business. We are here to help make your life and your business easier to run and give you the information you need to see your business succeed.


MonthlY OR QUARTERLY review meetings


We’ll host a GoToMeeting or face to face meeting to address anything you want to discuss with us as your professional advisers and anything that we have identified as areas that will benefit from some closer attention, guided by the reports which will be presented in the meeting.

We will spend up to an hour reviewing monthly financials and discussing budgeting, forecasting, cash flow management and goals for the company as well as addressing any concerns.


pre-year end tax planning review


Instead of waiting until the end of the year, know where you stand with enough time to plan for it. We start looking at your potential income tax liability 3-6 months before the end of the year and work with you all year long to strategize how to save money, analyze timing of purchases, and plan for what’s coming. Additionally, you get access to your own Tax Strategy Portal where you can view up to date information on your projected tax liability for the upcoming tax year utilizing your Quickbooks real time data, allowing you to plan on an entirely different level.


sales tax management

$25.00/month per tax liability account

We can manage your sales tax for you and submit the payments via Quickbooks. We will ensure that the liabilities are accurate each month and that your sales tax is set up correctly.


Receipt bank & receipt posting

$17-$152/MONTH up to 150 transactions

Clean up your work space and your life with this app - all you do is take a picture in the app of your receipt/bill/expense, and the app automatically processes it and sends it to us to approve. After we check the data, it integrates directly into your Quickbooks account and is matched or added as a new transaction. Keeping track of your expenses couldn’t possibly be simpler!

Pricing depends on amount of transactions and users.


entering and/or paying bills (vendor Management)

From $3-$5 per transaction

We can enter your invoices in Quickbooks and pay your bills for you. This helps you to keep an accurate picture of what your cash flow is and takes one more thing off of your overflowing list of things to do.

Pricing is per each transaction entered and/or paid. Billed monthly along with your package.


entering AND/or sending invoices (customer management)

$3 per transaction

We can enter your invoices in Quickbooks and send them to the customers. This helps you to keep tabs on who owes you and what your income really is.

Pricing is per each transaction entered and/or paid. Billed monthly along with your package. Invoices can be sent to us via Excel, Word, or another accepted format.


budgets & forecasts

FROM $71.00-$253.00/month

Get control of where your business is going with 3 year budgets, forecasts, and cash-flow forecasting with an app we add on and manage for Quickbooks. This is what really drives businesses forward, knowing where they want to be and working towards their goals.

We’ll create, manage and update a rolling 12 month 3 way forecast of profit & loss, cash flow and the balance sheet, a 3 year budget, and basic cash-flow forecasting so you always know what the future financial performance and position of the business looks like, based on what we already know today. This is about bringing the future into the present so you can do something about it. You’ll also have access to your own dashboard to see all of the same information we do any time you like.

Pricing depends on annual revenue and monthly or quarterly reporting options.


In-Depth Cash flow management

FROM $75.00-$213.00/month

Get control of your cash by having some seriously in depth cash flow forecasting. Integrated with Quickbooks, your cash flow forecasts will be automatically updated with real time information without ever touching a spreadsheet.

When all is said and done, it's your ability to predict, harness and enhance your cash position that will help you nurture your business.


Financial analysis

FROM $71.00-$168.00/month

Do you want to know what’s going on in your business financially and where you can make improvements? Would you like to know what your breakeven point is to be profitable, or what your current performance is regarding Profitability, Activity, Efficiency, Asset Usage, Liquidity, and Cash Flow? We give you an in-depth knowledge of the financial performance of your business with monthly or quarterly reports that analyze every facet of your current performance. We can even add in KPIs for non financial activity that you want to track. Find the changes that you need to make to meet your goals and see your trends and performance over time. We include a 15-20 minute meeting with your report each month or quarter to review your financial analysis and talk about your goals, your financial performance, and answer your questions.

Quickbooks Clean Up & Set Up

We talk to customers all the time that have Quickbooks but haven’t maintained it or need to set it up for the first time. We help you get Quickbooks to do what it should - give you accurate financials and let you see how your business is performing. We can also train you on how to correctly use Quickbooks for your specific business and industry.


quickbooks company review


We will review your current Quickbooks Online account to ensure it is set up correctly for your business to maximize your time and provide you with a report on how you can be better utilizing your software.

We will also look for any obvious problems or inconsistencies that may indicate a problem with your financials.

This service does not include correcting or cleaning up your Quickbooks account, only reviewing for accuracy and best utilization of software.



quickbooks online training

$299/2 hour training

We provide one-on-one training that is customized to what you want to learn about. We answer your questions and train you to avoid common mistakes and use advanced features.

Your training package comes with an additional hour of remote support after your training is completed for additional questions as they come up.

quickbooks online setup

From $449-$1049*

Let us setup your Quickbooks company right the first time. We will work with you to get necessary information into Quickbooks and ensure that it is set up correctly for your industry and business.

Our Quickbooks Setup Packages include importing and entering data, configuring company settings, assistance with setting up and connecting bank accounts, entering correct beginning balances, and other services customized to each company to ensure that their account is ready to go.

*Price is for up to 2 years of previous data and up to 2500 transactions



quickbooks online cleanup

From $469-$1569*

Does your balance sheet seem way off? Are there things in your account that you know are incorrect? We can help with that. Our Quickbooks Cleanup packages will get you back to accurate data so that your reports give you the correct information when you need it.

Our Quickbooks cleanup packages include reviewing your Balance Sheet & P&L Statements to identify errors & variances, verifying & reconciling balances on bank accounts, loan accounts, and credit card activity, correcting all account balances within your Quickbooks account and ensuring that your final year end reports are accurate.

*Price is for up to 2 years of previous data and up to 2500 total transactions

Strategy & Analysis

To have a successful business, you have to decide from the beginning where you are going and how you are going to get there. Tax Strategy helps you decide the best entity for your circumstances and goals to avoid paying unneccessary taxes, Financial Analysis reports shows what you are currently doing and how you need to change to reach your goals, and a Budget gives you the plan on how to get there.

shutterstock_748030423 (2).jpg

tax strategy & Company formation


Starting a business involves a great deal of planning and preparation. Skipping tax strategy when starting a new business can result in paying thousands of dollars in additional taxes. We will walk you through this process by starting with an in-depth interview session to really get to know your business. From there we will build a tax strategy and recommend the best company formation for your individual circumstances and goals. We will file and prepare all of the paperwork to make sure that your business is correctly registered with the federal, state, and local governments.

financial analysis - annual


An Annual Performance Report that analyzes every facet of your business. We review KPIs for Profitability, Activity, Efficiency, Asset Usage, Liquidity, and Cash Flow to see if your company is on track and where things could be improved. In effect, we provide a report card for your business. We identify your breakeven point in business so that you know how much revenue you need to generate in order to be profitable. We can also show you the changes required to meet your goals for profitability. In addition to our in-depth report that you will receive a copy of, we spend an hour with you going over the results of your financial analysis and interpreting the results of the data compiled.



Annual budget


We can create a budget for you in Quickbooks for you to use. We will use your previous year data as well as your projected changes for the coming year to estimate your monthly revenue and expenses. The budget will be saved in Quickbooks and can be used all year to compare your actual company performance to your budgeted performance. Budgeting helps a business to focus on goals, improve performance, and drives growth.


Income Taxes

Getting your taxes done correctly can save you a lot of time and money. Let our CPA’s ensure that you are only paying what you absolutely have to on your taxes.

Partnership - Starting at $650

Preparation and filing of income taxes for a partnership (Form 1065).

S Corporation - Starting at $750

Preparation and filing of income taxes for an S-Corporation (Form 1120S).

C Corporation - Starting at $750

Preparation of and e-filing of income taxes for C-Corporation (Form 1120).

Fiduciary - Starting at $500

Preparation and filing of Form 1041 (Fiduciary).

Non Profit - Starting at $700

Preparation and filing of Form 990 (Non Profit).

IndIvidual - starting at $175

Preparation and e-filing of one simple 1040 and 1 state.

Schedule A - Starting at $100

Preparation and filing of Schedule A (Itemized Deductions) with income taxes.

Schedule c - Starting at $100

Preparation and filing of each Schedule C (Small Business Income) with income taxes.

Schedule D - Starting at $125

Preparation and filing of Schedule D (Capital Gains and Loss) with income taxes.

Schedule E - Starting at $135

Preparation and filing of Schedule E (Supplemental Income and Loss) with income taxes.

Schedule F - Starting at $200

Preparation and filing of Schedule F (Farming Income) with income taxes.

Payroll Taxes - 1099 filing - $25 per 1096 + $5 per 1099

Preparation and e-filing of 1096 and 1099 forms, federal and state informational returns e-filed, and 1099 copies e-mailed to employees or printed for distribution by client.