Quickbooks Clean Up & Set Up

We talk to customers all the time that have Quickbooks but haven’t maintained it or need to set it up for the first time. We help you get Quickbooks to do what it should - give you accurate financials and let you see how your business is performing. We can also train you on how to correctly use Quickbooks for your specific business and industry.


quickbooks company review


We will review your current Quickbooks Online account to ensure it is set up correctly for your business to maximize your time and provide you with a report on how you can be better utilizing your software.

We will also look for any obvious problems or inconsistencies that may indicate a problem with your financials.

This service does not include correcting or cleaning up your Quickbooks account, only reviewing for accuracy and best utilization of software.



quickbooks online training

$299/2 hour training

We provide one-on-one training that is customized to what you want to learn about. We answer your questions and train you to avoid common mistakes and use advanced features.

Your training package comes with an additional hour of remote support after your training is completed for additional questions as they come up.

quickbooks online setup

From $449-$1049*

Let us setup your Quickbooks company right the first time. We will work with you to get necessary information into Quickbooks and ensure that it is set up correctly for your industry and business.

Our Quickbooks Setup Packages include importing and entering data, configuring company settings, assistance with setting up and connecting bank accounts, entering correct beginning balances, and other services customized to each company to ensure that their account is ready to go.

*Price is for up to 2 years of previous data and up to 2500 transactions



quickbooks online cleanup

From $469-$1569*

Does your balance sheet seem way off? Are there things in your account that you know are incorrect? We can help with that. Our Quickbooks Cleanup packages will get you back to accurate data so that your reports give you the correct information when you need it.

Our Quickbooks cleanup packages include reviewing your Balance Sheet & P&L Statements to identify errors & variances, verifying & reconciling balances on bank accounts, loan accounts, and credit card activity, correcting all account balances within your Quickbooks account and ensuring that your final year end reports are accurate.

*Price is for up to 2 years of previous data and up to 2500 total transactions