Strategy & Analysis

To have a successful business, you have to decide from the beginning where you are going and how you are going to get there. Tax Strategy helps you decide the best entity for your circumstances and goals to avoid paying unneccessary taxes, Financial Analysis reports shows what you are currently doing and how you need to change to reach your goals, and a Budget gives you the plan on how to get there.

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tax strategy & Company formation


Starting a business involves a great deal of planning and preparation. Skipping tax strategy when starting a new business can result in paying thousands of dollars in additional taxes. We will walk you through this process by starting with an in-depth interview session to really get to know your business. From there we will build a tax strategy and recommend the best company formation for your individual circumstances and goals. We will file and prepare all of the paperwork to make sure that your business is correctly registered with the federal, state, and local governments.

financial analysis - annual


An Annual Performance Report that analyzes every facet of your business. We review KPIs for Profitability, Activity, Efficiency, Asset Usage, Liquidity, and Cash Flow to see if your company is on track and where things could be improved. In effect, we provide a report card for your business. We identify your breakeven point in business so that you know how much revenue you need to generate in order to be profitable. We can also show you the changes required to meet your goals for profitability. In addition to our in-depth report that you will receive a copy of, we spend an hour with you going over the results of your financial analysis and interpreting the results of the data compiled.



Annual budget


We can create a budget for you in Quickbooks for you to use. We will use your previous year data as well as your projected changes for the coming year to estimate your monthly revenue and expenses. The budget will be saved in Quickbooks and can be used all year to compare your actual company performance to your budgeted performance. Budgeting helps a business to focus on goals, improve performance, and drives growth.